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Trait of Great Leadership by Tony Robbins

  1. ” Extraordinary Hunger & Drive
  2. ” Exceptional and Compelling Vision “
  3. “Passionate and Effective Communicator”
  4. “Brilliant Strategist “
  5. “Authentic and Congruent”
  6. “Absolute Certainty”
  7. “Insanely Persistent and yet flexible in their approach.”
  8. “Courage & Faith to Act”
  9. “Ability to care, connect and break pattern.”
  10. “Unreasonable expectations and standards .”

According to him, one of the privilege he has had meeting with President Mandela. In his question of “how did he survive in 27 years, Mandela replied, he didn’t survive, he prepared.”

Robins shares, According to Mandela, “At that time, he spent time studying his oppressor’s language -Afrikans.”

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